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Each moment has a song and an opportunity to grow
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THE SONG can contribute to the process in an existing meeting, conference or training. 

THE SONG can be the end of a day as a  wrap up and reflective moment or integration 

THE SONG can facilitate training, 

  • Half a day, This can also be in your companies workspace

  • 1 day, in a appropriate facility for group work

  • 3 day or 5 day retreat. The 3 and 5 day retreats include nutrition, movement, and insights that support THE SONG point of view in an appropriate facility for group work.

  • 7 day Ibiza or Costa Rica retreat, with morning yoga, hikes, keynote speaker, THE SONG concerts, speaking your need training and food from the revolutionary chef Erika Tangari.

The Business Song



THE RETREAT is the one retreat that will fit like an Italian suit in the world in pursue of substantial change. Nothing offered is generic, it is all costume made and uniquely created from great expertise and care for the participants in question.


THE SONG teams up with Erika Tangari THE FOOD and bodyworkers, teachers and therapists from all over the world in order to offer the best of the best

Honouring the art of improvisation  and flow in the moment while following a specific program 


THE RETREAT takes anyone fast forward to 


  • Changing not serving behaviour

  • Identifying negative patterns and clearing them

  • Redefining negative thought patterns

  • Reconnecting to the moment as apposed to looking back and planning ahead 

  • Being more aware of physical patterns and redefining them

  • Identifying nutritional patterns that don’t serve anymore

  • Deep relaxation, in body, mind and spirit

  • Speaking your personal and professional voice in the upmost authentic way


THE RETREAT takes place in stunning locations Ibiza Spain and Costa Rica in 2019


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The Retreat

The Food

THE FOOD is the perfect food created for that moment in that specific setting. It is an experience.

THE FOOD can be offered as a stand alone experience where Erika creates her food visions and shares the ideas and vision behind it.

THE FOOD can be booked for your restaurant and private setting with a minimum of 10 people 

THE FOOD can be enjoyed with THE SONG as a combined experience of being in the moment in full awareness of its possibilities. This is personal and business related.

THE FOOD is part of THE RETREAT with THE SONG as the guiding force

THE FOOD offers courses on how to redefine the point of view on food, nutrition, the body and life in general. Practical hands on working in the kitchen is part of this



Singer, Coach, Speaker

Lex Empress is an internationally renown vocalist and a master of improvisation who acts as a bridge to connect people with their inner truth and empowers them to live their fullest potential.


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