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Lex Empress is a master of improvisation who aims to empower people to live their fullest potential through her performance. Using her kaleidoscopic array of skills, a seemingly limitless imagination and a touch of magic, she is the only person in the world that interactively weaves lyrics, melodies and chords into coherent stories and whole compositions on the spot. All the songs are completely improvised, sound like radio songs and she can deliver them in seven languages! Blessed with a 4 octave vocal range and an angelic voice, she sings on festival stages and at intimate gatherings, where her ability to tune in with the crowd leaves people both floored and deeply inspired. All this comes with some great profundity yet with a sense of whimsy and fun too.

The basic idea: a life improvised, is a life well lived and demystifies creation as being exclusive and complicated.Lex performs with amazing musicians from all over the world, who also improvise everything they play and she mostly meets just before a show. Lex Empress is a fascinating artist that defy any category or description, always congenially accessible yet never failing to mesmerise the listener. A must hear!

ERIKA TANGARI is a young rebel in the food industry. She sees our world in need and acts upon it. Here there is no room for doubt. With immense know how of the science behind food plus combining it with various world views on the subject she creates a revolutionary yet sustainable kitchen.

She is getting on the barricade with her cooks knife in the hand stating that the food innovation has to take place now in order to let the human specie survive in relative harmony with the world it lives in.

In taste this doesn’t imply doing any concessions  You will be mind blown without a doubt about the quality.

The tastes are refined, intricate, poetic, undefinable yet familiar. It’s a journey eating her food.

Her dishes are one of kind. Every dish is one of a kind as she connects to the group, her restaurant audience or one client. Before anything she connects to her pure ingredients and where they came from. The source, and specific way of working define the outcome.

Seeing her work, hearing her speak passionately, eating her food is similar to attending a magnificent performance. She is a star in the making.

The flavours, the quality. The undeniable influence of the Italian cuisine, the Indian kitchens essence and the finesse of the japanse kitchen plus her own vision create a dance of pure beauty.



COLLABORATIVE SONGS When working with corporate or public group audiences, Lex effortlessly crafts melodies and words into entire songs in the moment. These interactive transformational improvisations are a co-creation with direct input from the audience, painting the moment, summing up the essence, or revealing what still needs to be said. This can take a variety of Lex also does wrap-up songs. Here, she distills the essence from keynote speeches, discussion panels or day program and drives home the essence in a song that sounds so accessable it could play on the radio. Lex does this with striking insightfulness and with a lot of humor.


INDIVIDUAL SONGS Beyond interactive group songs, Lex uses her visionary talent to sing individual songs, composing the guest's current emotional, physical and mental life situation. At the core of Lex’ philosophy lies the striking idea that each moment of a human life provides an opportunity for deep transformation, a chance to connect with one’s inner flow.


SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Lex is an inspirational speaker who did various TED talks, explaining and performing her unique musical improvisations and links that to the greater purpose for all to flow in life. She also works with corporations and conferences, who book her for inspirational talks and performances, which support business transformation.